A New Obsession – Margot Bag

Ever so often I find myself obsessed with a bag pattern. Recently, I’ve been looking at small bags, even bought one to compare it to my bags made with The Margot Bag pattern designed by Lisa Lam for Simply Sewing magazine some time ago. I’ve had the pattern for quite a while before I made it the first time as a gift. As these bags were popping on my social media threads the more I wanted to make one and started looking at possible patterns, until I realised that I already had a pattern for one.

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I made the first version of this bag using the exact pattern pieces and process as indicated on the pattern instructions

For the outside I used Kokka Laminated Cotton Linen Canvas Fabric* For more details about my thoughts about working with this laminated fabric please check out my blog post on Minerva* website here*. To stabilise the fabric and give it more body I interfaced the outer pieces with Decovil Light* and Rainbow 1 inch wide webbing* for the straps. For the lining I used quilt cotton I already had in my stash.

Making this bag was quite fun even though there was a lot of cutting involved. I much prefer the sewing part of making stuff. On the first one, I’ve made the mistake of not sewing the strap through which the fold over piece goes through so it did not keep in time. Also, that part of the bag was not a design element that I really liked.

So, when I had the urge to make it again, I did not include the middle strap at all. For my second version I used for the outer shell Minerva Core Range Soft Faux Leather* and waterproof 7oz fabric for the lining. I did not include any interfacing on these one. As my obsession with this bags got the best of me, I made two more using plain cotton for the lining. As I made a mistake this time, I’ve ended up having to use bias tape to finish the inside. I do prefer this way of doing the lining now that I keep making them even if this means more handsewing.

The finished bags are not as sturdy as I would like them to be, but they still look really cute.

So far, I’ve made five of these bags and I want to make more. On the last one I have gone back to adding Decovil Light* on the outer shell pieces and I added Prym Snaps Press Fastener* to close the outer pocket as well and make it a little more secure. I made the bias tape for finishing the lining out of the same fabric. I find that the finish is better than using the process in the instructions. the additional fabric in the seams give a bit more structure and it is easier to handle.

The size of this bag is perfect to be used also as a makeup/wash bag. All you need to do is to remove the strap. One can also customise the bag by adding different straps, metal, fabric or webbing to match one’s mood or outfit.


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