Meet Lottie Anderson blouse

Ever since I made my first Lottie blouse  (blogged about here) from SimpleSew Patterns, pattern that I got with my Love Sewing subscription, I wanted to make another. The only issue was that I was not over joyed with the sleeve. I felt that the three quarter sleeve that comes with the pattern does not... Continue Reading →

Mixed Feelings About Anderson Blouse

If you are familiar with the British series -The Fall - starring Gillian Anderson you must have seen her iconic blouses from this series. I just love them. As you can imagine, when Lisa Comfort from Sew Over It created a pattern with the same style, I was right there getting the PDF pattern. It... Continue Reading →

My First Make from Sew Over It

Not sure why I waited to long to make a pattern from Sew Over It? I finally took the plunge once Lisa Comfort the awesome lady behind Sew Over It launched her second book, Sew Over It Vintage. I chose to go for this book as it was promising to teach me some pattern drafting.... Continue Reading →

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