Comfy Outfit to Wear on a Lazy Day

Disclaimer: This post includes links to products or companies that sell sewing related goods. While I was working on my review for Wendy Ward’s last book A beginner’s guide to sewing with knitted fabrics, I received my Love Sewing issue that had the Frankie Top pattern from Tilly Walnes aka Tilly and the Buttons’ last... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Dress–Bardot

As some of you know (if not you are about to find out), a few years ago I started my own tradition by making a garment in Christmassy fabric every year.  (I made a Poly Top, a Salme Cropped Jacket).  For 2016 after thinking and thinking about it, I decided to do the Bardot dress... Continue Reading →

Shannon Trousers Continuing a Trend

It seems that I am being attracted to this style trousers. Remember my  Veneca shorts, I’ve made from Patrones Magasine? - blogged about here. As soon as I received issue 31 of Love Sewing I decided I want to make the Shannon Trousers, pattern by SimpleSew Patterns. Although I really love the version in the... Continue Reading →

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