Purple Sweater Autumn Jacket

When I was on holiday to Germany at the end of August, I could not help myself from buying a few sewing magazines, even though my German is not up to scratch. I knew that I’ll not use any instructions anyway. One of the magazines I got then is Fashion Style ( the August 18 issue)... Continue Reading →

Artemis Jacket In Faux Suede

My lovely friend Alex (Sewrendipity) convinced me and our friend Geo (Facut in sufragerie) to give I AM patterns (French pattern company) a go while we were at the GBSB Live show in September 17. After looking at the patterns and the samples that were present at the booth we all decided that we wanted... Continue Reading →

Designin’December – Part Four

Finally, I came to my last post to cover my entry for the 2017 Designin’December hosted by Linda. For the previous parts please click here, here and here. I left the hardest garment for last. I made the jacket using the same fabric I used for the shorts (suiting wool blend). The pattern I chose... Continue Reading →

Rigel Bomber Jacket for Grease

My lovely friend Gemma and I will be going to a Grease musical end of March in Manchester, and she thought that it would be a great idea to have special outfits. As  it were, I found myself between projects not knowing what to make next (as if I don’t have a ton of  UFOs... Continue Reading →


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