My Betty Blouse or My Dragon Top

Before Sewing Quarter launched they offered a choice between three patterns.  As I was not a big fan of the bag or the children’s pattern (might be wrong) I picked the Betty Blouse which came out as a free pattern in issue 19 of Simply Sewing. For this top I used leftover fabric I had... Continue Reading →

I Made a French Top–Chemisier Berthe

Language is not a barrier. That’s what I found recently (Not that this would have stopped me to buy pretty sewing books). I bought this book about two years ago. I thought I know enough French to figure out the instructions, and what I don’t understand I can make it up! And as you can... Continue Reading →

Meet Lottie Anderson blouse

Ever since I made my first Lottie blouse  (blogged about here) from SimpleSew Patterns, pattern that I got with my Love Sewing subscription, I wanted to make another. The only issue was that I was not over joyed with the sleeve. I felt that the three quarter sleeve that comes with the pattern does not... Continue Reading →

Here comes my 2nd Anna

Ever since I made my first Anna (blogged  about here) I wanted to make another one. Preferably the maxi version with the slit at the front. To be fair, that’s the first version I wanted to make in the first place, but I was not sure about the fit of this pattern and I did... Continue Reading →

#TheHunterTankTop–tester version

I am a bit late with sharing this with you. Last month Jennifer from Jennifer Lauren Handmade launched her last pattern Hunter Tank Top. I was lucky she picked me as one of the testers for this little pattern. Usually I avoid wearing cropped tops. I don't have a flat stomach and I hate showing... Continue Reading →

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