My Sewing Room

This is the awesome space I am lucky to call my sewing room.

It is located at the top of my terraced house, in the attic which was converted into an office. Although it is my office, it is so overcome by sewing stuff that in time it has become my sewing room that it has space for my computer and printer. I love this space!

I kept these bits from an old desk. Mainly because I have loads of tidbits in there and nowhere to put them.

Most of the furniture sits against my feature wall.

Those Ikea cubes are perfect for storing books or magazines.

I looked for a desk like this, especially for its storage capacity. I have way to many sewing magazines and books.

I feel like giving myself a pat on the back for getting these pegboards. They are lightweight and give my wall a cute look. My SEW letters now have a centre point! If I remember correctly there were made for me by someone I never met for a swap (Don’t remember who it was. Whomever you were: Thank you! )

After I ended up buying the same fabric twice as well as buying too much fabric in the first place (storage is not an issue for me) I decided that having most of it on display will inspire me to sew through my stash a bit faster. Gosh, folding all that fabric took ages! Also,  It did not agree with my back either.

I got myself a little clothing rack. I tend to make a few projects and then have a little photo shoot to take pictures of several projects in one session. I do not always have the mood for pictures. Behind it, I keep a trolley with drawers for projects I am currently working on (well I’ve abandoned that idea and now I keep the fabric in it and projects I want to make again).

Opposite my feature wall is my table where I keep my sewing and overlocker when I am actually working on my projects.

I one corner is my Dummy, which most of the time gets lonely there. This is because I do no use to often. Well it gives character to my room (that’s what I tell it. lol)

I consider myself so lucky to have this lovely space. I spend a lot of time here, so I a grateful that this space is my happy place. When I run away from people this is where you will find me.
Hope that you enjoyed my corner of heaven and it inspires you to get creative with your own space no matter how small or big it may be.