My 5 Minutes of Crafty Fame!

I really have to brag this. Recently, I have been interviewed by lovely Vicki from MinervaCrafts for their blog. I must say it was such a fun experience. I did not think some questions would prove to be so difficult to answer. I mean they were quite simple and easy questions. But, how do you... Continue Reading →

Designin’December – Part Four

Finally, I came to my last post to cover my entry for the 2017 Designin’December hosted by Linda. For the previous parts please click here, here and here. I left the hardest garment for last. I made the jacket using the same fabric I used for the shorts (suiting wool blend). The pattern I chose... Continue Reading →

Mixing Fabrics to make a top

This time I’d like to share with you my second version of the Wanted Tee by Vanessa Pouzet.  The first version was blogged here. As I was cutting my summer dress  for my day with Gemma in march I realised I would be left over with a lot of the fabric. Also I has this... Continue Reading →

What? Another Zoe?

Yes, I have made another one – here is the link to the tutorial. This time it was the fabric that dictated the pattern choice. Although this does not happen often with me. I was in Abakhan for a zipper and this small piece of awesomeness fell into my hands. I just could not put... Continue Reading →

Walk Away Dress– GBSB version

Oh yes! You  probably know by now that a book with patterns in it its very hard for me to resist! And if it is a Great British Sewing Bee Book, now that’s even harder to resist for me!  After the first two books which I was a bit disappointed about  I got the last... Continue Reading →

Murder Mystery Party Costume!

Although its been  a while since I actually made this, I finally got the chance to blog about it! It was Halloween when I wore it, but the party as a Murder Mystery one which is not necessarily a Halloween thing!  It was my first Murder Mystery Party so I wanted to make my costume!... Continue Reading →

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