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First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I am an amateur home stitcher and  I’ve been sewing for a over years now.  My sewing adventure started with the sewing machine a family member got for me.

Over the years, since I started, sewing has become an integral part of my life. It’s been a surprise to me that it brings me so much joy and helps me disconnect from life’s troubles. Besides, I love how the style of clothes I wear has changed since I challenged myself to make my own garments. It’s exhilarating to wear garments that fit the shape of my body, which I made myself.

Somehow I managed to acquire an addiction to sewing books, I’ve got a large collection of books on my computer about sewing and it seems I cannot stop myself from buying the paper ones either. I tend to do the same with fabric, ever since a new sewing shop opened close to where I live (10 – 15 minutes walk), I have to do my best from avoiding even going in, as every visit results with getting a few more pieces that I intended to get. I think I am on my way to open a new fabric shop if I do not stop soon.

I do most sewing on the internet. Sometimes I think I do a bit too much of this, but hey, I love seeing what other aficionados create and to be honest, I get most of my inspiration from the internet.