Krystal Convertible Bag

I’m back with another PDF pattern from Linds Handmade Designs‘. This time, I have been making the Krystal Convertible bag. I think whoever came up with the idea of a convertible bag to backpack was a genius.

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For my first attempts at this pattern, I wanted to make two of them simultaneously, one for me and a matching one for my awesome friend, Gemma. From Abakhan I used curtain canvas from the remnant baskets for the outside. From Minerva* rose gold vinyl for the pocket accents and bottom, water-resistant fabric* for the lining and rainbow webbing* for the straps.

I followed the written instructions and I could not quite believe that you could then turn the whole bag through the lining pocket. But it did! Linds has a Youtube tutorial that one can follow especially for the steps where one is not quite sure how to go about. Visual learners will find it quite informative and easy to follow. If you want to see how easy it is to make this bag you can check out Linds’s tutorial here*.

This was a fun make for me. The bag is quite useful and I love that it can be used as a backpack as a normal bag. The only feature of the bag that I am not that taken with is the bucket-style bottom. But that did not prevent me from reaching for it any less. In the past, I’ve ended up removing the bottom and creating boxed corners. With this one, I have not quite yet figured out how to do this as the straps connect to the bottom.


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