Revisiting Vogue 7975

Quite some time ago, I have made myself a Chanel Style jacket using a Craftsy class. It involved a lot of work and a lot of hand-sewing. If you are curious about that whole process please check my posts here, here, here and here.

Enough time has passed since then and I have decided that I am ready to tackle this jacket again, but this time I have gone for the non-quilted version and a plain coloured fabric so that I could do more of the construction on the sewing machine.

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Since I have already done all the hard work of making a toile, I’ve made view A/B again, but I skipped on the ribbon or edge trim.

Vogue 7975* is still in print and you can still find it if you are interested in making a jacket like this. I think this pattern is really good to get the Chanel style look. For my jacket, I used Minerva Core Range Boucle Textured Coating Fabric* (navy) for the outside and Minerva Core Range Premium Anti Static Lining Fabric* (yellow) for the lining.

As a Minerva Brand Ambassador*, I tested Minerva Core Range Boucle Textured Coating Fabric* in exchange for a post on their website. If you are interested in my thoughts about working with this fabric please see the link on Minerva*’s website here*.

Making this second jacket took me a lot less time than before, as I did not have to do a toile or pattern match the print when cutting out and did not have to do hand-sewing on the entire lining.

I am yet to decide on whether or not to add closures to the jacket. For the moment, I am just wearing it as it is. I’m thinking I can add frog-like closures or some of those surface loops and long buttons that some coats have. I would not attempt to put buttonholes in this jacket not now. I can’t risk damaging it.

I love the versatility a simple jacket like this has. You can wear it with jeans or at the office or even with a very elegant outfit.

I’m not yet done with this pattern. I have already decided that I’ll revisit it again and again. Do you have a jacket pattern that you find yourself making again and again? If you would like to share that, please let me know in the comments below.


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