Blue Sienna Maker Jacket

Yes, I did it again. I made another Sienna Maker Jacket* from Closet Core Patterns*. When I made this jacket the first time, I did not think I would reach for this pattern again and again. So far, I made 3 versions of this jacket. I’ve blogged about the view C here.

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I used a Minerva Core Range soft faux leather fabric* in metallic cobalt.

For more details about my thoughts about the fabric please see my post here*.

I made view A. I did not include the breast pocket or the inside pocket in my blue jacket. Another thing I changed, when making this version of the pattern, was to use for the belt some 2.5 cm wide webbing in my stash that matched the fabric perfectly. As it has red in it, it brings some contrast to the jacket.

For a jacket pattern, this pattern is quite easy to make. After shortening the sleeve too much on previous versions, this time, I remembered to add 5 cm back. I further personalised/customised the jacket by finishing the raw edges inside the jacket with different coloured bias tapes I had in my stash. I wanted some colour on the inside and I did not have enough bias tape of one colour to do the whole inside of the jacket.

This was such a fun project to make. It did take me longer to complete due to all the hand-sewing I’ve done to sew the seam allowances flat.

I even made a matching bag (about which I blogged here) with the leftover fabric. It is unlikely I will choose to wear the jacket and the bag at the same time, but the fabric is so cute that I love having a bag in this colour as well. It’s like they both come from the same fashion collection.


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