A Bold Jumpsuit Vogue 1617 (Pattern Review)

Do you buy patterns because you like the design and the idea, but you know you might never actually make it? This can be for various reasons. For me, it tends to be, I am too short, not slim enough, where would I wear that and the list goes on… the one thing all these reasons do not do is stop me from getting these patterns. One such pattern is the Zandra Rhodes Vogue jumpsuit 1617*.

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Once I had my hands on this lovely Minerva Exclusive Dynamic Brushstrokes viscose challis*, my pattern found its match. As a Minerva Brand Ambassador, I was gifted the fabric to test in exchange for a post on their website. Viscose is lightweight so to avoid interfacing and cutting facings in this fabric I used royal blue cotton twill* for the waistband and lining pieces. If you are curious to know a little more about my thoughts about working with this fabric please check out my post on Minerva’s website here*.

I did not have enough fabric even though I originally shortened the trousers by 10 cm. So I had to cut the bottom pieces on the cross grain. Also, used very fine pins as well as some fray-check to make sure the fabric does not fray too much during construction.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Vogue Zandra Rhodes 1617*: Very loose-fitting jumpsuit has surplice bodice with contrast binding, kimono sleeve, a waistband with ties, side seam pockets, and flared leg with hem facings.

Sizing: Y (XS-S-M) and Z(L-XL) I made a Medium

Fabric: 3 m (pattern requires 3.6 m 150 cm wide) Minerva Exclusive Dynamic Brushstrokes viscose challis*, 1 m contrast and lining Royal Blue cotton twill* (pattern requires 1m contrast fabric and 0.5 m lining fabric(pockets and trouser hem). You will need more fabric if you are using a directional print.

Notions: 0.3 m of 6mm wide elastic, hook and eye

Modifications: I cust a Medium. I did a sway back adjustment of 1.5 cm at the centre back and shortened the trousers by 10 cm initially.

Instructions: As I could not figure out how the waistband would go into the garment, I actually followed the instructions on this pattern. I found them easy to follow and the diagrams helped me with the construction. There are parts where I was not quite sure what I was doing, but I decided to trust the instructions and follow them. It all turned out as it was supposed to.

Fit: is good given that this is a garment with a lot of ease. Although, my body shape does not match the model on the pattern envelope ha as I am much shorter and have curves she doesn’t have, the love the fit of the jumpsuit on me. Before sewing the hem, I did the sensible thing and tried it on. Turned out I had to shorten the trouser further. I ended up taking another 10 cm of the length. With the cuts I made myself some matching scrunchies.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?: surprisingly yes.

Watch out for: follow the instructions. the construction of the trousers (waistband/pockets) area is not straightforward. By following the instructions you ensure they are constructed correctly.

Make Again?: Yes! Big Yes! Once made the jumpsuit is very comfortable. I keep thinking I look like Elizabeth Taylor wearing it, though I think her kaftan was a dress and not a jumpsuit.

To think that a few years ago I was avoiding making jumpsuits for fear that they do not fit my figure. It is crazy, that now I have in my wardrobe at least 5.



  1. So beautiful! I’m inspired to try this pattern. How much fabric do you think that the top alone uses? I’m thinking about colorblocking it with a print on top and solid on the bottom.

    • Thank you. Iam not sure how much. I made a medium and the bodice would need at least 1.10 m of fabric. I would get 1.5 m to make sure. Colour blocking sounds good.

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