A modified Mira Dress

I revisited the Mira Dress pattern* from FibreMood magazine*! On this occasion, in addition to the modifications, I made before (more details about that pattern review here).

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, marked with *. Please read my Reader Disclosure Policy for details of what that means.

On my second try, I decided to lengthen the bodice even more and added 6 cm to the bodice, a total of 9 cm from the original pattern. As I did not want the actual dress to get longer, I shortened the first tier of the skirt by 5.5 cm.

I used cotton batik* for this one. the fabric is a medium weight 100% cotton. For more details about my thoughts on how I found working with this fabric please, check out my post on Minerva’s* website here*.

As the fabric was only 110 wide, I cut the skirt tiers on the cross-grain. Also, to get the dress to be more flattering on me I added elastic into the seam allowance between the bodice and 1st skirt tier.

Due to my changes the dress no longer looked like the image on the original pattern envelope. However, I love the way it looks on me as it flatters my short height better than an A-line dress.

The dress is fun and very comfortable and quite feminine. I really like it. And I think for me it was a good idea to add the elastic on the waist seam allowance to emphasize my waist. It makes me look a little taller.

Following the previous dress, I did not go down in size, because I actually gained some weight over the last few years and I fear that sizing down would result in a too-tight dress if it would even fit me.


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