Baby Onesies – Green Bean Baby Set

It is not often that I make things for others. However, when two of my local friends told me they are expecting I thought it would be nice to make something for their babies to celebrate. It took me a while to find this cute versatile set from Empty Hanger Patterns called Green Bean Baby Set. With this pattern, you can build any baby garment you can imagine from a selection of 17 tops, 9 bottoms, and 5 sleeve options. This pattern comes in a range of nine sizes, European sizes 50 to 98. Size 50 fits a baby 50 cm / 20” long (a preemie or small newborn); size 98 fits a child 98 cm / 38.5” tall (2-3 years old). This is a PDF pattern.

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The first thing after choosing the size is to plan your make. I picked an envelope top with press studs opening on the legs on the inside seam. For both makes, one for a girl and one for a boy, I chose cotton jersey fabrics Panda Cotton Jersey* for the girl and Space cotton jersey * for the boy.

The instructions have a lot of information and pages to account for all the variations in the pattern. It is worth taking the time to check them and make sure you understand the construction before you cut and make your set.

For construction, I used both the overlocker and the sewing machine. And by the time I made the boy set, I had a metal hand press that made things easier for me.

Once I figured out what I need to do, there was no stopping me. As the Panda fabric is neutral, I used pink poppers to make it more girly.

I think this pattern is very comprehensive since with it you can make such a large number of garments all different. With this pattern I know I’ll ways be ready to make another gift for a friend who is expecting or recently had a baby.

I like to think there are some cute babies wearing these cool baby onesies!


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