The Mini Bag Pack – Kandou Crafts (Pattern Review)

Yes, I finally did it I made a bag pack. Well, this one is my second bag pack. Ever since I discovered Jess’s (Okalroots) YouTube channel I’ve started making bags more often. I ended up buying this Mini Bag Pack pattern from Kandou Crafts after seeing some of Jess’s versions and her tutorial for this pattern on her channel.

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When I was asked to test the Kokka laminated cotton linen canvas* for Minerva*, initially I wanted to make a raincoat. Although I love the print, I would not wear a jacket made in this fabric as it would not suit my style. A child’s raincoat would be gorgeous. I chose to make a few bags with this fabric.

For more details about my impressions of working with this fabric please check out my post * on Minerva website.

Using Hemline fabric glue was not the best idea I’ve had. The glue leaked into the fabric and shows on the right side of the fabric. I had the impression that the layer of laminate will melt I try to fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.

As an afterthought, to give the fabric a bit more oomph.. I used heavy-duty interfacing which I sewed in, not fused. Only to later discover that the fabric can take a bit of heat…

With this bag, I used for the first time zipper tape. They can be quite useful, as you cut the length of the zipper that you need, you can even choose what zipper pulls to use with it. It was quite fun to find zipper tape that had rainbow zipper teeth. Well, that matched the rainbow webbing tape* as well. It also gives the bag pack a more professional look as well.

I treated the fabric as I would vinyl or faux leather and used clips rather than pins to avoid leaving permanent holes which at times made things difficult. Luckily, my new Juki TL 2200 QVP Mini had not issues sewing (it was the best investment I’ve made recently when it comes to sewing machines – if you are interested in a sewing machine review from me please let me know in the comments)

I’ve had an OPS moment with this one. As I tried to reduce the bulk and to make sure the bias tape covers the raw edges I got a little too carried away and trimmed the darn thing a little too close. As a result the webbing tape threads came loose as it trimmed away the melted edges. I had to do an emergency repair on it to fix it.

This back is as pretty inside as it is outside, even if I had to hand sew the bias tape.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Mini Bag Pack pattern from Kandou Crafts: ‘This is a simple sewing pattern for a practical and stylish mini-sized backpack. The unisex design is great for customizing to create your own version, and instructions are given for adapting the backpack to fit a child (aged 6+).’

Sizing: 2 children and adult

Fabric: 0.25 m Kokka laminated cotton linen canvas*, 0.25 red water resistant fabric *

Notions: 3 m red bias tape*, 2 rectangular rings*, 2 adjustable sliders* , 3m rainbow tape*, 0.75 zipper tape and pulls

Modifications: I chose to use webbing for the straps. Added another interior slip pocket.

Instructions: They were easy to follow. However, if you prefer Jess’ tutorial on YouTube for this pattern is good and she explains everything very well and gives some tips along the way.

Fit: does not apply

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?: yes

Watch out for: be careful to stick to the seam allowances and remember to trip the pieces that are attached to your zipper if the zipper tape is a little wider. It requires hand stitching.

Make Again?: Of course. I want to make this again and again.

For more details about my impressions about working with this fabric please check out my post * on Minerva* website.


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