Mira Dress (Pattern Review)

After developing a small obsession with FibreMood magazine* thanks to Alex (Sewrendipity – where I first found out about this magazine). Alex made Mira 4 times and although I avoid oversized non-fitted garments I still wanted to make Mira. There is no point in asking me why, I have no clue.

Who would have thought that this type of tiered dress is now called ‘buffet dress’? I am sure as many of you that the Great British Sewing Bee staff invented this name for the challenge from episode 1 of the 8th series (2021).

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The patterns was first released with FibreMood issue 4 – which of course I missed getting. The paper version of Mira dress pattern* can still be bought from Minerva*. Also, FibreMood has the pattern available as a PDF (I have the PDF version of the pattern)

The Lady McElroy cotton lace* was gifted the fabric by Minerva to test it in a project. Not sure I was convinced the lace was stretchy and had other plans for it. However, once I realised that there is no stretch in the fabric it did not take me too long to pair the fabric with the pattern. I thought since the lace is see-through even if it’s a little too bulky it will not make me look that much bigger than I am as you can see my body lines underneath. So it will be a win-win situation. For more of my thoughts about this fabric please check out my post on Minerva webpage here*.

After reading Alex’s post about the first version she made (link here) I decided that I would add 2.5 m to the bodice to make sure the bodice sits well below my bust. Given that I added length on the bodice, I took 3 cm off the bottom tier to make sure the dress does not end up too long on me. It might be worth mentioning that models showing the pattern for FibreMood are much taller than me. I am only 1.57m or 5ft2. So if I do not shorten the sleeves or skirt the dress will look a little longer on me.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Mira Dress pattern* – ‘Mira is a hip little, loose-cut A-line summer dress. Interested in something a little more form-fitting? Make the bands slightly narrower so that there’s less fabric to ruffle. Do you dream about romantic dresses? Try sewing decorative ribbons between the seams.’

Sizing: European : PDF 32-58 or paper version XS – XXL

Fabric: 3 m cotton lace*

Notions: less 1m 1.5 cm wide ready made bias tape, hook and eye

Modifications: cut size 40, lengthened the bodice 2.5 cm, shortened the bottom tier by 3 cm

Instructions: quite easy to follow. I used the diagrams mainly.

Fit: I feel the bodice could have been lengthen by few more centimetres. Also keep in mind that I am only 1,57m (5ft2) so the dress looks longer on me than on the models on the pattern envelope who are about 20 cm taller than me.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?: yes, even if it looks longer on me due to my height.

Make Again?: yes, I think I will but will go one size down to 38, will also add 5 cm to the bodice rather than 2.5 and will not add any seam/hem allowance on any of the tiers. I’m even thinking of shortening the bottom tier by a further 5 cm. I’ll also make the sleeves a little more fitted at least at the hem.

I totally surprised myself with this dress. I did not think it will be so versatile. I mean I can even wear it with jeans not only with leggings. I might get away with a black slip underneath as well. I am not yet sure if I am pleased that the dress is longer on me or not.


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