Two Tops in One (Pattern Review)

From time to time I like choosing Vogue Patterns* to make garments. It might be because Vogue patterns promote more known designers or they have a certain aesthetic for the samples and pattern envelope pictures that makes the patterns modern and elegant. I have no idea why, I just seem to place designer lines from Vogue Patterns* in the elegant and modern category when it comes to their garments.

When I was asked to test the feathers microfibre crepe* by the Minerva Team, I knew I had a winning combination in pairing the fabric with Tom and Linda Platt Vogue V1665*.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, marked with *. Please read my Reader Disclosure Policy for details of what that means.

When I picked the fabric I thought that the fabric only has one border of feathers on one side. When I got the fabric, I discovered that it was not very wide and it has four columns of feathers. It almost made me think to use a different pattern, especially since when placing the fabric on the fold of the fabric the direction of the pattern was not going vertically as I wanted. However, my mind was already set on this pattern so I hacked it a little by cutting the pattern on the cross-grain to achieve the look I wanted.

The back ad the front are exactly the same and the top is made out of one piece of fabric, which was not possible for me once I changed the placement of the pattern piece on the fabric, I added a seam on the folded edge.

With only two pieces, I made the top in no time. Maybe having a seam on the folded edge affected the drape a little but the top is super comfy to wear. You might have spotted that I folded the fabric on the cross-grain. As a result, one of the sides is upside down. Luckily the directionality of the print on the fabric works both ways. And that’s how I ended up with a two in one top.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Vogue V1665*- Tom and Linda Platt – Loose-fitting top has an asymmetrical hemline and lingerie guards. Semi-fitted skirt has back princess seams, center back slit and narrow waistband. Semi-fitted pants have side front and side back seams with topstitched seam detail, back zipper and tapered legs.

Sizing: 6-8-10-12-14 and 14-16-18-20-22

Fabric: 2 m of feathers microfibre crepe*

Notions: none for the top.

Modifications: I cut a size 14. Pattern requires 1 piece to be cut on fold. However, due to the directionality of the print and the width of the fabric I chose, meant that to get the look I was after it was better to cut two pieces on the bias and added a seam allowance on the fold edge.

Instructions: I did not use them apart from checking the seam allowance. The top is very simple.

Fit: good.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?: yes

Watch out for: n/a

Make Again?: yes. The tops is simple and very versatile.

For more details about my thoughts about working with this fabric please check out the link here*.


    • Thanks Linda. I know what you mean, sometimes the fabrics they use on the samples on the pattern envelope are not the best to inspire people to make them.

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