Kirsten Kimono Tee

I love trying patterns from new to me designers. Sometimes before I commit to buying patterns from a new to me independent designer, I like to check out their free patterns, if they have any to try those first. It’s a perfect opportunity to see if their draft suits my body and to check out their instructions. Beside, who doesn’t like a free pattern?!

Since having quite a few leftover knit fabrics from other projects that are big enough to make a small top, I thought it was about time for me to try Maria Denmark’s Kirsten Tee, which is a simple PDF free pattern if you subscribe to her newsletter.

I managed to make two versions so far. The first version I made without any changes. It took about 1 hour to make from to cutting the fabric to wearing it. I used the overlocker for the seams and the sewing machine for the hems.

On this one you can see that the sleeve sticks out a little and I did not like that. So on my next one, I have increased the slope on the shoulder line to take out about 1 cm at the shoulder going into nothing at the neckline.

I like the second top much better. The sleeve follows the curve of my shoulder and does not stick out as on the first one.

Both tops were made with less than half a metre. However keep in mind that I cut a Medium and I am fairly short so if you are much taller or need a bigger size you might need more fabric to make your own version of this little top. I’ll keep this pattern to make more versions to use up my leftover fabrics in the future.



  1. Good call on the sleeve.
    I think you can get away with the little bit of flare on the first shirt because of the print.
    I love both prints

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