Park Lane The Dress

As I mentioned on my post about the Park Lane blouse, the tester version, I’m not sure how I managed not to share this pattern sooner with you, even though I like it and made it a few times. Today, I’d thought I’d share with you the dress version of this pattern.

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As soon as I saw this animal print stretch cotton satin* I knew it will make a gorgeous Park Lane Dress* (Nina Lee* patterns) which will also be perfect for autumn or spring as the fabric is fairly thick and warm.

Same as for the blouse, I shortened the bodice above the bust by 2 cm which raised the apex to the correct position on my body. I opted for the long sleeve due to me wanting to be able to wear it when it’s colder. I did have to add back about 3 cm so that the sleeves are not too short. I really like how nice the buttonholes look in this fabric. Also, chose to hand stitch the neck facing down so that it stays down but there are no visible stitches in the outside.

Although the length on this dress is not very flattering for my short frame, I still like it. I do have to wear it with high hills to keep a balance which means I cannot wear it s often as I’d like.

I really like the fact that you can use a shorter zipper and add a little button loop with a button to close it off, which mimics the blouse closure.

The randomness of the print on the fabric makes the seam lines blend in and you cannot really tell where they are unless you look closely. I am not sure if I want to shorten or not the skirt to better suit my height . What do you think, should I shorten the skirt so that the hem hits my knees?

To me the dress looks a little weird and I cannot really use a belt with it because the skirt starts above my waist, a little below my bust. Would a very wide belt/sash work? Please let me know in the comments what do you think. Thanks.


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