A Wearable Toile for Vogue 9293

As you know I chose Vogue V9293 pattern for my March project for Minerva Blogger Network (link here to my post). After a few projects made using the big 4 pattern companies patterns where I made the usual adjustments for those patterns the final garment did not fit properly, I’ve learnt my lesson and decided to make a toile before making the final project.

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For this one, I used fabric in my stash that I purchased from Abakhan Fabrics during my multiple visits and leftover fabric from a project I make for Minerva* to match view D styling. I knew straight away that I would suit better a straight skirt due to my height. For the toile, I made view D.

Using my body measurements I cut size 14 and made the following changes to the pattern pieces:

  • shortened the bodice above the bust within the armscye area by 2 cm to raise the apex by 2 cm) this is a normal adjustment for me
  • applied a 1 cm sway back adjustment to the centre back seam on the bodice.
  • the slit in the back is simple, but I wanted a proper skirt vent so before I cut paper away, I added 5 cm to from the cutting line on the original pattern to create a slit vent, which after making this dress I felt was too short and lengthened it further on the fabric with chalk before cutting into the fabric of the final garment.

With the pattern being part of the Vogue Easy Options*, the dress came together really fast. I don’t really need instructions when making garments. I tend to only use them to check the seam/hem allowances and then quickly glance at the diagrams in case there is something I need to know before end up making a mistake or make things difficult for myself.

I added the zipper as intended in the intended by the pattern, but as I used two contrasting fabrics I felt the need of matching the thread to the fabric, which means part way, I changed the white thread I used for the bodice to back to match the skirt.

I wasn’t too happy with the centred zip and for the final garment, I changed things and did a lapped zipper insertion. However, I think that an invisible zipper would be better for this dress, as there are no visible stitches on the right side.

The neckline and short sleeve versions are finished with bias tape. I live this way of finishing, especially when the fabric for the bodice is lightweight.

The finish dress fits quite well. Feels a little too loose on the hips, but then I have to remind myself of wearing ease. If it’s too tight I won’t be able to sit down.

The bodice fits perfectly.

I found the length of the skirt not suitable for me. I felt that the skirt needs to be shorter. This is more because I cannot walk a lot waring high heels and most of the time you’ll see me wearing flats. So the best length for skirt on me is for the hem to be on the knee or just above, otherwise I look even shorter. In the final garment I took an extra 8 cm off the length of the skirt.

I forgot to mention that for my dress I used a 4 cm deep hem (both on the toile and the final garment). I really love the look of the contrasting fabrics together. Makes you think the outfit is made up of two garments not one. Also the ties help hide a protruding abdomen.

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