Fabric Review: Cotton Poplin (Sponsored Post)

Today I’d like to share with you another project I made in collaboration with The Fabric Guys made out of cotton poplin. Like with all cotton fabrics, cotton poplin is easy to work with. Initially, I had in mind a blouse. However, once I received this gorgeous Trees cotton poplin and got my hands on it, I knew that the blouse I had in mind it not a good match for this fabric and changed to make a jacket instead, Jacket Express #218 from Islander Sewing Systems

Before I cut into my fabric I washed it to make sure that the fabric shrinks before I cut out my project. Marking the fabric was easy to do with a fabric marking pencil as well as chalk pen for the right-hand side. I do advise to test marking methods on scraps of fabric to make sure if any marking made on the right side can be easily removed.

As a personal way of doing things, for the pieces that required interfacing, I cut them first in interfacing and then block fused them to the fabric before cutting them away. I prefer this method because I can make sure that the interfacing pieces match their counterparts in fabric.

For my project I chose to match the thread to the background of the fabric and used the overlocker/serger to finish any raw edges that would not be hidden by facings or hems.

Also, as a solution to buying top-stitching thread, I used two normal thread spools though the needle to create a thinker thread and mimic the top-stitching thread. I used normal thread in the bobbin.

When I stitch buttonholes in my project, before I open them up, I always use some fray check on the wrong side of the garment to prevent the fabric for fraying once the buttonholes are opened.

Another trick I use when adding the buttons to my project is to use sticky tape to keep them in position while machine sew them in. It takes so little time to do this than to hand sew them in. It did take me a while to start doing this, but with the sticky tape it’s no longer hard to keep them in the position needed.

As I’ve made the jacket before, I had the fit exactly to my taste.

A few tips for working with cotton poplin:

  • wash your fabric before you cut and construct your project. Natural fibres tend to shrink when they are first washed.
  • The fabric is easy to work with so, you might want to take the opportunity to work with more complicated patterns/techniques.
  • Do keep in mind that the pattern on the fabric is directional and you need to be mindful of this if you do not follow the pattern layouts that come with the instructions of your chosen pattern.
  • The fabric is a similar weight to quilting cotton, so using it for garments that require fabrics with a lot of drape is not a good idea for this fabric.

Disclaimer: I was sent the supplies free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in the post are my own and not influenced in any way by The Fabric Guys and/or the manufacturers.


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