Ogden Ida Swap 2019

After seeing some lovely makes last year during the Ogden Ida Swap 2019 , organised by Jen (Instagram handle @jenlegg4 ) and Samantha (Instagram handle @purplesewingcloud ), I managed to join in this year.

I my swap partner is Sarah (Instagram handle @shechapter127) As soon as I for the email from Samantha, I started stalking Sarah on Instagram, trying to find out more about her .

As I was shopping my stash for fabrics I thought that Sarah would like, I decided to go for a black and white theme for the swap. I hope Sarah will like it.

For Ida clutch, I has some lovely printed canvas cotton that I was testing for Minerva Crafts, which I felt was perfect. Since I made it several times before, it was a straightforward make. To add a bit of colour, I used a green zipper and ribbon.

At first, I intended to make an Ogden cami with no changes. Then, as my fabrics were a little bit see through, I made the decision to make a layered version instead. So I used the bodice pieces twice, once to cut the black layer which is as long as the original pattern and once to cut the white layer which is 5 cm shorter.

The only information about Sarah’s body measurements were her bust and wait ones. From that I could not tell if she needs the straps to shortened or not, so I ended up making straps that can be tied in a bow and she can adjust how long/short the straps need to be. My Prym loop turner came in handy when I needed to turn them to the right side.

I had to be careful once I got to the stage to sew the two layers together so that the seams were towards my body. I had to have the right side of the white layer facing the wrong side of the black layer. Then when turned over, the finished seam was inside.

Once finished, I made my life easy, and used the rolled hem option on my overlocker. Less hassle to do a narrow hem on a fabric a bit difficult to work on.

I love this combo so much, that I could not help myself from making one set for me as well. Luckily I had enough fabric for two Oden camis.

I am happy to report that all the supplied for these projects were already in my stash. I am pleased that I can write off two more pieces of fabric from my ever growing fabric stash.

I am glad I joined in this little challenge. I was fun sewing for someone whom I’ve never met before.

Totally love my new Ogden cami and Ida clutch I got in the swap.



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