My Holiday Handmade Wardrobe

I thought it might be fun to share with you the clothes that I made and took on my holiday to Mexico this year. I made quite a few outfits leading up to my holiday. On occasion I got very excited about this holiday and made too many summer clothes.

I did not make everything I took on holiday. For example I took with me ready to wear bathing suits. It was not worth me making nay since I already had a few sets and I’m not living in them during the summer anyway.

In no particular order, these were my handmade/me made outfits I wore during my holiday in the sun ( I already miss the Mexican weather).

me made no 1.

River linen mix dress

River by Megan Nielsen patterns made with linen mix fabric I got from Abakhan Bolton. For more details about this dress please see my blog post here

me made no 2

Modified version of Charlie Caftan

Charlie Caftan from Closet Case made with viscose fabric from Abakhan Bolton . For more details about this dress please check out my blog post here

me made no 3

I am wearing a jersey dress made using the Lilly dress by Cotton+Chalk from Simply Sewing magazine issue 29. Fabric was from Abakhan Bolton. Gemma is wearing a Charlie Caftan from Close Case she made with a linen look fabric from Abakhan. I blogged about this dress here and Gemma blogged about her dress here.

me made no 4

fancy kimono and shorts

In this one I am wearing a woven Kinder cardigan (free pattern with Wendy Ward’s book sewing with knitted fabric) using a polyester satin fabric I tested for MinervaCrafts. The shorts pattern came from Patrones magazine (Spanish sewing magazine similar to Burda Style) issue 395, It was made using cotton fabric I got at Abakhan Bolton. I blogged about the shorts here.

me made no 5

wannabe jumpsuit

This is my wannabe jumpsuit made using 100% cotton. For the top I used the Silk cami pattern from Sew Over It and for the bottoms the Margot pyjama bottoms from Tilly and the Buttons’ first book Love at first stitch. The fabric was from Abakhan Bolton. I blogged about this outfit here.

me made no 6

Asaka kimono dress

This one doubled up as a bathing suit cover-up as well as a dress. I made it for my March project for the MinervaCrafts blogger network. I used a woven crepe fabric and Asaka dress pattern from Named Patterns. More information you can find here.

me made no 7

Zephyr dress

This is the Zephyr dress pattern from Deer and Doe. This was my January project for Minerva Crafts blogger network. I used scuba fabric to make it. This was my second rendition of this pattern. For more details about my first version please click here.

Going through the pictures from the holiday, I was surprised to realise that I did not take pictures of all the outfits I had with me. I was having way to much fun. So following are me made items that I wore during my holiday.

me made no 8


This is a jumpsuit I made while testing some cotton lawn fabric for Minerva Crafts. A post is due to be posted on their blog in a couple of months. The pattern I used t make this is from the Lutterloth (the Golden Rule System) pack I bought at Abakhan Mostyn. Seems I’ve got the jump suit bug now. I’ve made a few this year so far. And I am tempted to make more.

me made no 9

Ogden Cami

I total I had with me 3 camis. Pattern is Ogden Cami from True Bias. I made quite a few of them and blogged about some here, here, here and here. I use this pattern a lot to use up leftovers from other projects. The fabrics were from Abakhan, Minerva Crafts or from a sewing meet-up swap.

me made no 10

Flint trousers

For these trousers I used the Flint pattern from Megan Nielsen patterns with a linen mix fabric I bought from Abakhan Bolton. I blogged about them here.

me made no 11

feathers dressing gown

For this one I used the Lutterloth system (The Golden Rule) for the pattern and the fabric (from MinervaCrafts) is a 100% cotton. When I picked this fabric to test (detailed blog post is soon to be published on Minerva Crafts blog), I wanted to make a dressing gown for my holiday. Of course, it’s fun wearing it during the summer around the house as well.



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