Pyjamas Or Wanna Be Jumpsuit

It all started with the fabric a lovely black and white alien ships 100% cotton I got from the fabric baskets in the Abakan near me about a year ago.

The fabric feels a bit childish. Therefore, I thought making a pyjama set would be the best match. After checking all my patterns, I’ve settled on making the Margot pyjama trousers from Tilly Walnes’ first book Love at First Stitch and a new iteration of the Silk Cami from Sew Over It ( my copy came from issue 43 of Simply Sewing Magazine -however it can be purchased here). I already had both patterns traced and ready to go, which also helped my decision.

Silk Cami & Margot pyjama trousers

For the trousers I made a size 3. The original pattern did not have pockets. However, I felt that my trousers need pockets as well. I picked a pattern that I already had from another pattern book (Breaking the Pattern ) that was to hand and cut them in the same fabric. To cut the pieces I had to be careful to put the pattern pieces so that the alien ships are the right side up.

I finished the seams using some coloured thread. I just needed a bit more colour to brighten my outfit, even if no one will see it when I am wearing it.

Before adding the waistband to my trousers I’ve made the buttonholes, so I could add my tie in (which was part of a sewing gift exchange from one of the SewUp North meetups )

Out of laziness, I left my basting stitches in place. I use machine basting to mark my hems or folds to make it easier for me to press them and stitch them at the later stages of construction.

To save up the pretty fabric, when making the facings for the Silk cami I tend to use a plain colour fabric. I do the same when I don’t have enough fabric to cut them from the main one. In this case it was black for the facings. I did not feel it was necessary to interface them either.

To keep the hem on the top as flat as possible, I overlocked/serged the bottom and turned the hem only once.

Now that I finished the outfit, I no longer want it to be a pyjama set for me. I’ve worn it out in the world as a wanna be jumpsuit. What do you think? Are they pyjamas or not?

I really did not need to use the instruction to make any of these two items. I’ve made the Silk cami 6 times before and developed my own process of making it for best results. As for the trousers, again I’ve made trousers before so instructions were not needed. Both patterns are beginner friendly.



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