Magazine Makes – Summer Top

Over the years I managed to collect an impressive collection of magazines. I am still trying really hard to make things using these. But, I tend to get distracted by other patterns that come out all the time. However, ever so often, I do manage to use the patterns from my magazines.

A couple of years ago at a craft show someone was selling some older versions of Ottobre Design magazines. As I don’t sew for children that much, those issues were not of interest for my, but the Woman versions were just perfect for me. Especially since I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some. Such an issue is the summer issue from 2014 (issue 2)

Summer 2/2014

Although I want to make all the patterns in this issue (maybe one day), I was looking for the perfect pattern to use up some leftover fabric from my Kielo dress I made for the MinervaCrafts Blogger Network last year. This meant that I would not have enough to make a dress. In the end i picked pattern 9 which is also on the cover.

In deciding what size to cut I used my waist and hip measurements (usually using my bust measurement means I end up with a garment too big for my frame) and cut a size 38. The patterns are drafted for a person who is 168 cm (10 cm taller than me) so I used the horizontal lines corresponding to a size 34 as well as shortening the top by 2 cm. Another change I made for my top was to use the same pattern pieces for the shell fabric on the lining as well. My reason for this was because the shell fabric is slightly see through and I felt that the finished top would look odd if the lining was not a similar length.

Other than checking sizing and where to find the pattern pieces I needed to trace I did not use the instructions at all. At a glance they are the same as the Burda Style magazine.

For this top I used both my overlocker/serger and my sewing machine. For the shoulder seams I added clear elastic to stabilise the shoulder and used a 3 thread overlocker stitch to finish the seams.

For the neckline I had to use small zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine and then understitched the lining in place to keep it from peaking out from the wrong side as it would not lie flat.

And since the I used the zig-zag stitch on the neckline I did the same on the hems.

I am really glad that I sized down on this one. The finish top is just right for me.

I made it long enough so I can tuck it into my trousers/skirt.

My little top came together quite fast and did not cost me anything as I already had all the supplies. I love it when I have leftover fabric from other projects, because I think it’s fun to figure out what else I can use the left over for so that it does not end up in my stash nor do I want to throw it away.


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