Mixed Fabric Sweater From Ottobre Magazine

My sewing with leftovers saga continues. Today I am sharing another make I made using my leftover stash in January.


For this one, I used a pattern from Ottobre Magazine issue 5 from 2016. I made pattern no 8 using leftover fabric from Toaster sweaters I made in the past (I blogged about them here).

IMG_3585I cut a size 38 but made a few changes. I shortened the sleeve by 7 cm. For the hem, I traced on the line for size 34 (which shortened the sweater by 2 cm), which I later shortened 8 cm more as I did not like the finished top on myself. Also, I eliminated the centre back seam and I cut it on the fold.

On the centre front seam I used the rolled hem option on my overlocker. This sweater was made entirely on the overlocker. I conquered my fear of taking needles out and explored a little bit more of what my overlocker can do, which is more than finishing the raw edges and sewing knitted fabrics.

I used the same rolled hem option finish off the hems on the sleeves, neckline and bodice. As a result, my top came together super fast. I am using the rolled hem on the front as a guide when I am putting the top on. Well, it was one of the reasons why I cut the back on the fold as well.

I really need to make more things out of my magazine stash. They are full of so many nice patterns. But they do need tracing and sometimes the large number of lines I need to distinguish from use puts me off.

I am really glad that I decided to shorten my top even further, I did not want another dress. There is a very small chance I’d wear one during the winter season.

I really enjoy working with leftovers, as they challenge me to be creative and mix fabrics to get unique combinations. This way I discard less fabric, as more gets used.



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