Southbank Sweaters with Leftovers

At the beginning of January, I rummaged into the box I keep my leftovers with knitted/stretch fabric. The box was too full to take more pieces. It was the time to. Decide what to make with all that fabric.

I enjoy challenging me to work with leftovers because most of the time the pieces are not big enough to a full project and I have to get creative and try to mix the fabrics to make a full garment. Sometimes I have to piece the fabrics together or adjust the pattern. Which can result with some awesome makes or not? Ha, Ha!

After making my Southbank ( Nina Lee Patterns) dress with Lady McElroy ponte roma (which I blogged about here) I had enough fabric left to cut the bodice and neck bank which I cut at the same time as cutting the dress. To bring a bit of colour to my top I cut the sleeves using leftover fabric from my velvet Charlie caftan.

To make this one I used both the overlocker and my sewing machine.

I’m always pleased when my experiments in mixing fabrics work. This one looks like I am wearing a velvet top with a black vest.

Since the winter was still full on, I just felt that I could a make another one. But the fabrics I chose to make the second one were not big enough to cut full pieces except for the sleeves. That did not stop me! I just had to creatively piece the fabrics together and then cut them.

I finally started using my overlocker for more than just finishing the raw edges on the seams. For the first time ever I did a 3 thread flatlock seam on my overlocker. I just had to make sure the edges of the fabric her straight. I two minutes flat I made out of two small pieces one big one. I chose the 3 thread flatlock seam because I wanted to add a bit of strength to the joint seam.

The second jumper was entirely made on the overlocker. I skipped the sleeve cuffs and finished the hems using the rolled hem option on the machine, the stretch fabric I used does not fray anyway.

Although I used the same pattern, the resulting tops look so different.

I cannot decide which of the two tops I like more, the one with the red sleeves of the one with colour blocked bodice. Which is your favourite? What do you do with your leftover fabrics?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below or on my social media. I’m looking for ideas for my other leftover fabrics to minimise the amount I discard by sending to recycling.



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