Viscose Top Sewn With Leftover Fabric

Lately, I have been pushing myself to start using the large selection of pattern magazines in my stash for my projects. I feel that I wasted the money I paid for them if I do not make at least one project ( which means I am way behind on this one). Some might remember that on my last visit Germany I got myself the August 2018 issue of Fashion Style ( which is the German translation of Knip Mode (a Dutch magazine).


After making a sweater coat and a skirt I also wanted to make the top on the cover (the main reason I bought this issue).

As the technical drawing shows, the top is quite simple to make. For my version I chose to shorten the sleeves by 10 cm as I did not really want the sleeves to be too long, even if that’s the look they went for on the cover. I also cut a size 36 (my size on hips and waist). There was no need to consider a FBA (full bust adjustment) because the blouse already is quite roomy.

To make my top I used leftover fabric from my modified Charlie caftan which I got from my local Abakan Store. The viscose feels lovely agains the skin but it was a bit of a pain to work with, so to make my life easier, I opted for cotton for the collar and cuff pieces in a contrasting colour.

I did not use the instructions, first of all because I did not understand them (no, German is not among the languages I know) and secondly I don’t usually use the instructions unless there is a part in construction I am not confident to tackle on my own. I sort of made it up as I went along.

Because the top has a centre front seam and I did felt that the seam allowance might be exposed while I wear my blouse, I cut two strips of fabric which I used to create a facing for the front opening. Which I closed with the top-stitching on either side of the centre front seam.

I am glad I shortened the sleeves as they would have annoyed me if they were too long. I think the blouse would be a little to unbalanced if they were too long as well.

The black cuffs and collar show off these details and they do not get list in the print of the fabric. I feel like I am wearing a shirt. I am glad that the pattern on the fabric is very busy that the centre from seam gets lost in it and it is not much of an eyesore to look at it.

For the cuff I felt that two small buttons were sufficient. I also did not want to do 3 buttonholes so close together, just in case I would not manage to line them up correctly. Lazy me! The cuff still looks cute, and no one will know that the buttonholes are supposed to be horizontal.

I am particularly happy with this top because I can dress it up little and use it in an office outfit or just wear it with jeans. My preferred way will be to wear it tucked in. I only posed with un-tucked for a few shots to show you how long it is.

And there goes another piece of fabric that was leftover from another project. I try to use all the pieces that are big enough in my projects to minimise the amount of fabric I discard (sent to charities to recycle) and does not get stuck in my stash taking space, which can be used for new pieces of fabric, of course.


  1. That fabric is incredible and looks fabulous made into this shirt! You did a great job on the shirt and I super dig the contrasting cuffs and collar!!

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