How I Store My Patterns

I thought I break my usual project topic with a post about how I store my patterns.

As you can imagine I have quite a lot of patterns, which take a lot of space. To keep track of them I created a notebook in Microsoft OneNote app. I created categories to make it easier for me to search through them.

For the patterns I got from sewing magazines (paper patterns only) I add the magazine name and issue it name with. Also, for PDF files I make a mention on the page of that pattern. For some of the patterns I made already and remembered where I had the pictures I also added a picture of the competed make.

In this collection of patterns I did not include any patterns I have from sewing magazines like Burda Style, KnipMode or other multi-pattern magazines or sewing books. I’d probably still be going though them now.

Almost for all patterns, I trace the size I want to make. I do this because I want to keep the original pattern intact, you never know when you need another size or you might want to sew for another person and they are not the same size as you or need different pattern adjustments than you. That means a lot of extra paper. For some patterns the traced pieces do fit in the original envelope. Happy days when that happens.

However, for some patterns I cannot fit the tissue paper and the newly traced pattern back into the envelope. So, I started keeping them the same way as my PDF ones. I keep them in A4 plastic envelopes.


For patterns from sewing magazines similar to BurdaStyle or KnipMode and sewing books I go a little further. I use a separate slip to keep each pattern separate and make it easier for me to find the pattern pieces when I want to make them. Several times I spent quite some time to find the pieces I needed.

I tend to keep the paper envelopes on recycled cardboard boxes. There is no particular order to how they are organised other than the big 4 and independent patterns.

The plastic envelopes I keep the ones I do not use very often in a box out of the way and the ones I am currently working on or want to work on in the near future under my desk.



    • I have the same issue, have to look through all of them. But at least I save time by not having to dig all the patterns from the many places store them to find what I have/want. I do have a sewing app, but I never use it so that was a waste of my money. One Note works for me and I prefer it as I can share it easily with my friends.

  1. I have started using one note to keep track of my patterns but would like to cross reference across the sections eg Co- ordinates have pattern for a skirt that I would like to have in my skirt section of patterns. I have been trawling the internet but cant find a clear and concise way to do this. Any tips would be much appreciated

    • I see what you mean. If you want the same pattern to be in two groups, the only option I found is to copy it from the coordiantes group to the one you need. (You right click on page you want to copy and then select the option ‘copy page to’ which opens a list of your groups and there you select the group you want to add it to. repeat that with all your pages) Does that helps or make sense? I can email you some print screen if you need more direction, just let me know.

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