Megan Nielsen Outfits For The Summer

Some of you might know by now that this year I have planed a holiday to Mexico. So I’ve been preparing some outfits for my holiday away. I’ve been so excited with this holiday that I’ve started making outfits for my holiday for months. I have the feeling I’ll end up with to many clothes and I’ll need to choose what can come with me all the way for Mexico. But, that’s a problem for later.

I’ve had this huge piece of linen mix fabric I got ages ago from my local Abakan store. I knew that some of it would make a pair of Flint trousers ( here are the links for my first and second pairs) from Megan Nielsen Patterns and hope there will be enough to make another woven River top (here is my link to my first woven version)

Flint! – On my third version I cut off the length 5 cm after adding 20 cm to the original pattern. Also, I took out 3 cm of the back pattern piece. For my summer version I made them with the ties again. I really like this way of fastening the trousers. Construction wise there is nothing more I could add. They came together fast. No wonder, since I made them twice before.

I am glad that I made the leg less wide. They are perfect for a summers walk on the beach.

I am still in love with this pattern. I have the feeling I’ll be making it again, though I don’t think I’ll be blogging any more versions. You’d get bored. I’ll for sure share it on my Instagram account.

River! – Although I was hopping to make a top, to my surprise I had enough fabric to make a dress out of the piece that was left over from the trousers. With this pattern I seem to prefer the woven versions more than in stretch fabrics.

Since making the dress was quite simple, I thought it would be about time that I use the decorative stitches on my machine. So the hems were finished using one.

I used a deep hem for both the sleeves hem as the skirt.

What I like about River is that it is drafted so that you can use the the back to front or the other way around. So you get two looks out of one. This is a perfect garment for a holiday when suitcase space can be limited. When I make the dress again, I will consider shortening the hem by 5 cm. I really did not fancy unpicking all this butterflies on the hem. And I don’t want to turn it over once either. I can live with it for now.

I am starting to wonder what’s going on with me. I tend to only make one pattern once or maybe twice. I the last few years I found myself making the same pattern over and over again.

Do you have patterns that you keep making over and over? I’d love to know about what patterns you keep making? Please let me know in the comments below or on my social media on twitter or instagram (you can find me as @draculashbv).



  1. I used to only ever make things once, but I’m going back to favourites more and more lately. The most repeated patterns are V1410, [5 versions] V1312 [4 versions] both by Lynn Mizono. then coming up fast are Style Arc ‘Linda’ trousers, ‘Nina’ cardigan and ‘Maisie’ dress. I’ve also re-used the Simplicity Mimi G wardrobe pattern, S8177. Oh and I have 3 versions of Style Arc ‘Tootsie’ too…

    • Thanks! I love the tie waistband, though it’s not always easy to wear, but I’ve be making a couple of bodysuits to match with them. 🤓😎

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