Purple Skirt For the Office

As some of you might remember on my visit to Germany this year I picked two magazines although German is not one of the languages I know. I knew that I’ll not use any instructions anyway. One of the magazines I got then is Fashion Style ( the August 18 issue) which is the German translation of Knip Mode (a Dutch magazine).


My second make from this issue was a skirt. The skirt is quite simple. But I think it’s quite interesting having the darts coming out of the side seam and not the waist. The side slit was a bonus. 


For my skirt, I picked some purple cotton twill, which got from FabWorksMill in Shrewsbury at a sewing meet up ages ago( Instagram came to the rescue here, as I totally forgot where I got it from, that’s how long the fabric was in my stash. Ops!) 

Because the skirt is very simple and I did not have any instructions (not that I would follow them), I decided to concentrate on details. For the waistband, I used twill tape to stabilise it rather than interfacing. And I must say. I am hooked. I love this couture technique of finishing the waistband. It gives stability which I like and yet the waistband is not too stiff. 


I used an invisible zipper for my skirt. But I left the basting stitches in for two reasons, pure laziness and I sort of like leaving them in just for fun. No one will see them anyway when I wear my skirt. As you see on the picture below I did not take out the stitches used to keep the twill tape in place while I was constructing the skirt either. 


And for the hem, I had to use a decorative stitch. I mean what is the point of having all those stitches on my machine and never use them. For this skirt it I chose the heart rate stitch. Besides, since I used purple thread it gets lost in the fabric. But, I know it is there. One of those little details that make my skirt special to me. 


I feel that with this fabric the skirt feels a bit too stiff and looks like it’s a little large, but any larger and I would not be able to sit down. It is partly because of the fabric I used. It has no drape. 

1543159129.jpegProbably, I am not that used to wearing skirts over the knee, which I tend to avoid due to my height.  But, for the office, it might be a bit too much to show up wearing a skirt that has a side slit that’s also short. 

1543159201.jpeg1543159738.jpegI think, I will make this skirt again, but I will make a few changes. I’ll make it shorter, use a softer fabric and raise the slip opening, just for fun. Anyway, I have too many office clothes for someone who works from home. The good part of it is that I am ready for a business meeting. 



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