Charlie Caftan for Holiday

Yes, next year I’m going on holiday to Mexico and I’m planning on making some holiday clothes to wear while away. It’s a must for me to try and wear me made items while away. Considering that we will be in the heat of Cancun some summer clothing is needed. On good reviews from the sewing community and close friends, I ended up making a modified version of the Charlie Caftan by Close Case.Charlie_Caftan_Envelope_cover-01_1280x1280.jpgI already made view A in linen (here is the link to my post about it), but I really wanted to make a modified version of view C as well. However, there was one problem, I don’t like gathers, and I did not want to put them in my dress. As a result, I modified the front piece so I could cut it on the fold and eliminate the gathers all together and hoped the dress won’t be too fitted on the hips. This also meant that I would need less fabric and no longer needed the tab pieces. For my maxi dress, I used some viscose I got from Abakan Fabrics.For my dress, I did make some loops and a tie in the same fabric. In no time my dress was ready and really fun to wear. This dress will be a dream to wear on the beach. It’s very comfortable and the viscose is so soft against the skin. I just want to live in it. Don’t care it’s autumn now.IMG_0003.JPGIMG_0007.JPG              I did find the slit is a bit too low and restricts my movement when I want to walk fast. But then again who what’s to walk fast on holiday, unless you are in a hurry to get yourself a cocktail. Definitely! On my next one, I’ll be raising it by about 10 cm. I don’t want to be restricted when running for a cocktail refill. That could ruin my holiday! Ha, ha!IMG_0021.JPGIMG_9989.JPG

I wonder how many caftan dresses can one have on holiday! Would three be too many? What do you think?




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