Sewing With Leftovers – Making Many Ogden Camis

It wasn’t just the Silk Cami (I blogged about here and here) that this year seems to have made it onto my TNT list of patterns, but also the Ogden Cami from True Bias made the list. I can’t seem to get tired of making them. I keep the patterns out just in case I end up making another one. I’ve already written about this pattern here, here and here, therefore there is not more to say about it. I just wanted to share with you all of the versions I have made using the pattern so far. I even made one as a gift and, there is no surprise that my friend fell in love with it.


For my first 3 versions, I made it with a full bust adjustment, which I later realised that I did not really need, especial since losing some weight. This was more obvious with version no 3 made in cotton.


The next three versions I have re-traced the front pieces as they were on the original pattern. There are the moments I really appreciate taking the time to trace my patterns before making any adjustments. I can always go back to the original, not that this is a problem with a PDF pattern, which you can print as many times as you want. However, with PDF patterns I really dislike the part of sticking the pages together so much that once I’ve done it once, I’d rather trace the pattern first.


I am happy to share that all versions of the Ogden Cami were made using leftover fabric from other projects I made previously.

Also, I am really chuffed that my friend liked her little cami. I really love how it looks on her and the fabric is really nice. Besides the fact that she loves it, makes me go over my disappointment over the times when I make gifts for others that do not get appreciated, so much so that I keep going back to make sewing gifts when I say I won’t. I just have to choose better the people I make gifts for.

I liked her top so much that I had a little trouble letting go. Luckily for me, I have some leftover fabric which I am sure I’ll manage to squeeze another cami for myself as well. I confess I am quite attached to my makes and struggle to let them go. But then again once I make another one for myself, won’t miss the one made for her. LOL




  1. […] Then it occurred to me that I can use the rolled hem option to hem woven fabrics as well. Some fabric such as crepe or silk can be a bit of a pain to hem. I find that I don’t always get an even hem so I figured that maybe a rolled hem on the overlocker might save the day for me. I used this option on another version of Ogden cami (some versions I blogged about here here here and here) […]

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