Woven Cardigan – Another Selfless Sewing Project

Yes, yes, I keep saying no more gifts for others! But, I sort of had to make something for a friend who recently got married. I found a bit hard to decide what to make her. Especially as I only had some old body measurements I took of her when I visited a few years back. I did not want to ask for new measurements as I did not want her to know I was planning to make her something. In the end, I found among my patterns this cardigan/kimono pattern NewLook 6072 in my stash. Armed with my pattern, I took a trip to my local Abakhan store and with the help of the lovely sales assistants there I found this digital print silky satin ( a blend of 97% polyester and 3% elastane).

As the fabric is quite light and slippery I put my Merchant and Mills extra fine pins to good use, to avoid creating snags or holes in the fabric. It feels very much like silk but a bit heavier than that, with a lot of drape.

I made view B more because I could not find a contrasting fabric that matched the main fabric which at the same time would not take the attention away from the print. I cut a size 22. I did stray from the pattern, as I chose to cut the back on the fold to avoid putting a seam in the centre back, which I think is unnecessary. As usual with woven light fabrics, I used interfacing to stabilise the neckline and hem areas.

This was such an easy pattern, that I was not necessary for me to use the instructions, therefore I am unable to comment on them. I followed my own gut to make it. I used a combination of sewing machine stitches, overlocker and hand sewing to complete it.

I felt that I’ll get a flawless result by hand sewing the front facing by hand. No chance of missing edges or extra visible stitches on the right side.

For the bottom hem, I used a twin needle. Who says that the twin needle is only for stretch fabric hems? I know it is a pretty insignificant detail, but I think these are the things that make a handmade garment special.

My friend told me that she loved the cardigan/kimono. She loved that it was made just for her.
Please be aware that the fit is not accurate in the pictures below. This is because for me I would have cut a size 14 which means the finished garment would be a lot smaller on me. I just thought you will enjoy more the pictures with me twirling about rather than a static one on my dummy.

Over time I find myself more and more attracted to make simple garments. I loved this one so much that I will for sure make a smaller version of this one for myself as well. Who cares that I already have a few too many kimono/cardigan jackets.



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