Return Of the Silk Cami – Using Leftovers

Some time ago, I shared with you my wearable muslin (link here) for the Silk Cami from SewOver It. And although in general, I am not a big fan of SewOverIt patterns as they don’t really do it for me and they are a bit too simple, I am sold over with the Silk Cami. This summer it became one of my TNT patterns over the summer. Which is another surprising thing as usually I tend not to make the same pattern twice unless one of the versions is a wearable toile.

Once after my first make, I decided that I’ve shortened the bodice above the bust too much. Also, the top felt was a bit too tight. So, for all other makes, I used a 1 cm seam allowance all over to make them. Which turned out to be perfect.

I like that the top can be stilled in different ways: tucked in, with a belt or just left out hanging.


At the moment my favourite way to wear it is tucked into my high-waisted trousers.

So far, I have made four of them, and I am not done with this pattern, because in about 2-3 hours (with taking a coffee break) I can have one done. For all to them, I used leftover fabric from other projects. It really takes no time to make it and very little fabric. For the blue top, I actually used some cotton for the lining. Practically, one needs a big enough piece of fabric to make the shell and then use different scraps for the lining, nobody will know.


I have realised that it takes me longer to decide what fabric to cut into than to actually make it. Happy days! I won’t blog about all of the versions I’ve made or will be making, as there is not much to say about such a simple make.



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