Selfless Sewing – Making Shirts for Men

Disclaimer: This post includes links to products or companies that sell sewing related goods.

Remember some time ago I was telling you that I am making a shirt for my brother. I made a toile first, about which I wrote in a post here.

Armed with some fabric from my local Abakhan store and with the pattern changed to the new specs, I started work on the new shirt. I even consulted my book ’Secrets from the fashion industry’ by edited by Susan Huxley 1996 to make sure I make the best shirt I can make.

After a failed attempt (I am embarrassed to say I made this shirt twice because I skipped one simple step – stay-stitching the neckline. I know!) I made sure that I stabilised the neckline of both the back and front bodices.

This second time, I decided to insert the sleeve placket the traditional way and used a pattern I found online, rather the use the option given with the pattern itself. I got a much cleaner finish that I am happier with, what the one on the original shirt.

As usual to finish off the raw edges on the inside of the shirt I used the overlocker/serger, using thread that matched the fabric (already in my stash, I did not buy thread specially for this).

I really wanted to use this fancy little embroidery stitch on my machine so I added a little car on the collar, just for fun.


So far, this is the best shirt I’ve made for someone else. I think I am getting better at inserting a collar on stand.

The only trouble, it that the shirt now no longer fits him. He gained some weight and it’s too small for him. Grr…. I hate him. I put a lot of effort into it. And I made him not one shirt but two. I wanted to surprise him, and made him a short sleeve version as well out of some crinkly fabric which I got from Abakhan as well.

For the second one, I decided it’s best to interface both collar stand pieces and I am glad I did, as having the extra interface on them made things easier while constructing the shirt.

To insert the buttons on the centre front placket I had to use embroidery wash away stabiliser. I did not want to risk wonky buttonholes. And, I am glad I did.

I was quite happy with this shirt as well. It turned out quite nice.

Imagine the disappointment I felt when the shirts did not fit him. He should loose weight, don’t your think! Anyhow, I’m done sewing for him, at least for now.



    • I’d love to say that for him that would be motivation enough. Sadly, I don’t think he will. But the shirts are not lost, I’ve given them to my uncle who was happy to have them.

  1. Well he’ll be sorry! Those shirts look beautiful I have not made a dress shirt for my son yet, but I hope mine look as nice as yours! Beautiful!

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