Comfy Outfit to Wear on a Lazy Day

Disclaimer: This post includes links to products or companies that sell sewing related goods.

While I was working on my review for Wendy Ward’s last book A beginner’s guide to sewing with knitted fabrics, I received my Love Sewing issue that had the Frankie Top pattern from Tilly Walnes aka Tilly and the Buttons’ last book Stretch. Right there and then I wanted to make myself a little outfit to wear in the house that was comfortable using the Monsal lounge pants and Frankie Top.

I found this crazy fabric at my local Abakhan store, which sort of fell into my basket. I swear it did! It was only a small piece, so, I felt compelled to mix it with some black fabric that was left over form other projects.

I already made a couple of Frankie tops before, one I blogged about here. I cut the two of them at the same time, so, I will not say much about it as there is not much to say in addition. The only thing to add was that on my second Frankie, I used the double needle to hem it, using wooly nylon thread in the bobbin (this prevents the fabric from creating a channel with the stitching and keeps it flat).

For the Monsal lounge pants traced a size 38 “ (which is the hip measurement) and shortened the trouser length by 8 cm to fit my short legs. I made the version with a waistband with pockets. I used the overlocker to construct them. I used iron on bias tape to strengthen the pocket opening.

For the pocket, I used some of my crazy fabric to pipe the edge of it as one of the versions in the book.

In my haste to make them, I did not topstitch the hems or the waistband once constructed and they feel a bit unfinished. I do intend to use my sewing machine to finish them properly though. Just need to stop wearing them long enough. LOL


Because I skipped on using the sewing machine, I made them quite fast. And I totally enjoy my new outfit to wear around the house. They do not have to be perfect.

I found the trousers a bit to big, possibly because I used a fabric that is a bit to heavy. I will try these again some time using a smaller size and a different fabric see if that changes the feel of them.


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