River – First Take a Top

Disclaimer: This post includes links to products or companies that sell sewing related goods.

When I got this pattern from Megan Nielsen Patterns, I liked the idea of being able to make tops/dresses using both knit and woven fabrics. I love a pattern that allows you to make many versions. With this one not only that you can use both wovens and knits to make tops and dresses, you can also wear them back to front as well. Now that’s what I call a versatile pattern.MN2007 RIVER envelope FRONT
I had some John Kaldor Salso (linen and viscose blend) leftover that was big enough to get a River top made as well. Originally, I made a Crepe Dress (link here), and I loved working with this fabric as well as the feel of it against my skin.

This being a simple and easy to make pattern, I did not use the instructions much, reading through them they seem very thorough and include many diagrams to help those who are just starting to sew.

I finished my raw edges as I constructed my top, on the overlocker after a seam was sewn.

IMG 1772

I changed the order of construction, in the sense that I finished the neckline before finishing the side seams. I find it easier to add facings/bands or collars to a neckline before the side seams are finished.

IMG 1773

IMG 1766
Although for the top it is not necessary to add the belt loops, I decided to add them anyway, in case I fancy using a belt with it, if I want to emphasise my waist and get more shape when wearing this top. Because of the fabric, you cannot even tell it is there. I actually forgot about it, until I got to write this blog post. LOL

IMG 1771

I used the same deep hem as the pattern instructed.

IMG 1765

I wanted to have the cuff on my top as well. But, rather than using a few stitches here and there to catch the fold, I decided that it will be more secure to just use blind stitches all the way around, which I have done by hand.

IMG 1769

I noticed on the model that the top was not very long. So when I made my version, I did not alter the length, which is something I usually do. I am glad I did not shorten it.  I just like my tops to hit the top of my hips or lower so I can raise my arms without showing skin.

IMG 8331

IMG 8338

IMG 8341

And then when you want a change from wearing the top with the rounded neckline to the back, you can just turn it around and have the V neck at the back. The top still looks right. It’s like having two different tops in the same fabric. I just love having the option to choose which side I like best on the day.

IMG 8351

IMG 8360

I am quite pleased with my little top. I will for sure give this pattern a go using kit fabrics as well, just to see how well the pattern works with these fabrics as well. Not to mention that I really want to put a dent in my knitted fabric stash.

IMG 8326



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