Yet Another Ogden Cami

Disclaimer: This post includes links to products or companies that sell sewing related goods.

What can I say, Ogden Cami by True Bias is perfect for using up leftover fabrics. For more details please check out my first versions of this pattern here and here.

For this version, I used a leftover fabric I got in a swap at Sew UP North last year, if I remember correctly. I picked it up because it was so much fun. However the piece was quite small, so, for a long time, I did not know what to make with it. Then, Ogden Cami made its appearance in my life.

With this version, I discovered that I don’t really need the extra space I made with the FBA. I’ll try a few without an FBA and see how it goes. I have the feeling that this is because of the type of bra I wear with it. I’ll try my push-up bra with it as well see if that changes the look. This is an observation I made looking at the pictures.

I love this one because the fabric is so much fun. Whomever gave it away, thanks! It has been made into a lovely little top. I have the feeling I’ll be making more of these tops. I have quite a few leftover pieces of fabric I am thinking of using



    • Thanks! I cannot seem to stop making Ogden camis… indeed the fabric is so cute , had to have it.

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