Another Ogden Cami

Disclaimer: This post includes links to products or companies that sell sewing related goods.

I’ve made another one! Ogden Cami by True Bias is perfect for using up leftover fabrics. There is not much to say about this one. For more details please check out my first version of this pattern here.

After making a pair of trousers, while testing the peach skin fabric for Minerva Crafts ( see link to my review here) I realised I have enough fabric leftover to make an Ogden cami. It is useful to be a short person like me, because most of the times although you get the amount of fabric required by the pattern, you are still left with big enough pieces to use in other projects.

If for my first version I did not under-stitch the lining due to the peach skin fabric being a bit bouncy and the lining would not stay in, I opted to under-stitch it.

This is pretty much the only difference between my first version as this one.

I enjoy how it looks like a jumpsuit when I wear it with matching trousers. It is an outfit perfect for a hot summer’s day. Shame they don’t happen that often in UK.

The fabric is so soft agains the skin, that I’ll get more of it and use it in my makes, even if at times the fabric is sliding while working with it. It is worth the hassle, though. Once you start wearing your makes using this fabric you forget about the trouble you had making them, because of how the fabric feels against your skin.



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