Another Wrap Dress – My First Crepe Dress

Disclaimer: This post includes links to products or companies that sell sewing related goods.

I was not sure I’ll have enough time to write about both of my Crepe dresses in time for the deadline on the #sewtogetheforsummer challenge.

This is actually the first Crepe Dress I made. I’ve been meaning to use this lovely blue eyelet cotton that has been sitting in my stash for longer than I can remember which I got from my local Abakhan store.

To break the blue, I decided to use a silvery black fabric I had left over from another project. This was the version that I tested my changes to the pattern: shortening the bodice and skirt (took approximately 11 cm in total from the length of the dress). Did a bit or marking and used Fusible Bias tape to stay stitch the necklines to prevent them from stretching.

As the skirt pieces are similar, I wrote on the wrong side with my pencil to make sure I do not mix them up. I’m known to do that so, I tried to prevent it.

I only overlocked/serged only the edges that I knew would be visible in the finished garment.

I did not follow the instructions that come with the pattern. Once I stitched up the shoulder seams I added the facings, before stitching up the side seams.

For the ties, I used my ruler to turn them inside out and topstitched them before adding them to the bodice. It’s a preference of mine. The topstitching keeps them crisp.

I added the pockets and constructed the skirt before attaching it to the bodice. Also, I had to hem it first as well. Look at those perfect corners.

Once the skirt was attached to the bodice, I added the ties. Which are stitched between the facing and the right side.

As you are away by know, I have a thing about facings staying in place, so I stitched them all down by hand using an invisible stitch. However you can barely see it as I used same colour thread as main fabric.

To give myself an option, I made the holes for the ties in the side seam on both sides. Just because! It was not necessary, but thought that since I could do it, why not?

I fee l that the ties are perfect as they break a little the sea of blue. The dress is comfortable and you can tie it closer to the body or not, depending how much you’ve been eating. LOL.

And here it is another wrap dress. Pretty pleased I managed to share this one with you as well. Such an easy make!


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