Crepe Dres – A Sew Essential Sponsored Post

I’ve been meaning to make the Crepe Dress from Colette Patterns for many years but never got round to it. However, I seemed to get a push to finally make it when the #SewingTogetherforSummer challenge for this year was announced and it featured a wrap dress.

Lucy from Sew Essential , who are also among the sponsors for this sewing challenge, send me some fabric to make something with it. As you can imagine, I could not say no, I mean who can say no to fabric? I confess  I do not have it in me to say NO, nor do I wan to.

She told me that I can pick any fabric from their website. A dangerous thing to say to a fabric addict like me. I was like a kid in a candy store. Luckily, I knew what pattern I wanted to use, which made things a lot easier. They also sell the Crepe Dress pattern as well on their website. So, after a good look at their products online, I went for the John Kaldor Salso fabric which is a blend of linen and viscose – perfect for a summer dress. I really liked that with each fabric they also give you the colour codes for matching thread and zippers. This means you can order your thread and zips at the same time as your fabric and do not have to wait to get the fabric before you get matching thread and zippers.This is actually my second Crepe, I just got round to blog about it first. I want to get my entry in time for the deadline in June, and my track record of blogging my makes just after I made them is not looking that good. Anyhow, the fabric was a pleasure to work. The linen content makes is quite stable. From my past experience with Colette Patterns, I knew I would probably need to do a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA). I cut a size 4, I shortened the bodice by about 1.25 cm, did a 2.5 cm FBA (or 1.25 cm each side) and shortened the skirt by 9 cm.

For the facings, I usually fuse the interfacing to a leftover fabric before cutting the pieces. Find it easier, rather than having to match the pieces cut separately.IMG_2118.JPGAs this time along I knew exactly what I was doing, I did not even glance at the instructions, there was no need. I did finish the seams as I got along with the constructions. I.e. I overlocked the bottom edge of the bodice after I stitched in the darts.IMG_2119.JPGAfter adjusting the bodice I also had to change the facing for the sleeves. This made it more difficult to go around the curves, especially in the front. So second time around I used my water erasable pen to mark the stitching lines, to make it easier for me to go round.IMG_2121.JPGWith the sleeve facings, I had to finish the edges on the sleeve facings by turning over twice, as I had already packed my overlocker away as me and my bestie Gemma had a sewing date and needed the space on the table for her machine as well. I finished my dress by doing some hand sewing. Even though I under-stitched the facings, they were still flapping about. Not my taste, so I had to apply some invisible stitches to keep them in place.IMG_2123.JPGGot to love a wrap dress. I love mine! I like that the wrap is in the back. Just a little change from the usual wrap in the front. Also with a wrap, you can tie it around you as tight or as loose as you want. It is such a fun summer dress.IMG_7976.JPGIMG_7967.JPGLook at that back! I’m thinking, to attract more attention to the back one can play around with using different fabrics for the back bodice.IMG_7965.JPGDue to me using the same fabric for all of the dress you cannot clearly see how cute the bow is in the back. Using contrasting fabric for it would make a difference and emphasise the waist as well.IMG_7966.JPG

And check out those shoes! My new dress works so well with them! LOL.IMG_7949.JPG

And when you think, at first I did not think I’ll be joining this year’s #sewingtogetherforsummer challenge. But, with me, sewings plans change all the time. I am really glad, I’ve made this dress it’s cute and it has pockets. What more can one want from a wrap dress?

Also, the fabric is a dream to work with and to wear. It is perfect for summer. Please check SewEssential’s website for some really cool fabrics. Here is the link to the fabric I used for my dress.





    • Thanks. It took me way to long to actually make it it’s been on my to do list way to long.

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