Frankie Tee Free Pattern from Stretch!

I am sure you most of you found out about Tilly and The Buttons’ last book called Stretch! Some of her patterns in this book were also published in some magazines. Frankie Tee was a free pattern download with Sew Mag March issue and Love Sewing issue 50. As there was a lot of hip about this book, I decided to give this free pattern a go.

I decided to make a size 3, even though my bust measurement advised me to make a size 4. The reason for this is because I know my body frame is smaller and in the past when I made one of her patterns I ended up with a garment that was too big for me. Having said this, the instructions advise you to use a seam allowance of 1.5 cm or 5/8”, but I did not fancy grading down the seam and I wanted it to be a bit looser so I used 0.7 cm or 1/4” which is the width of the seam when I use my overlocker. Using an overlocker is my preferred way of constructing knit fabric garments.

I thought it was time for me to make myself a velvet top, so my first version of Frankie was made in houndstooth green velvet I bought at my local fabric store.

Using the overlocker on this means that it was made in practically no time. To be honest it took me longer to take pictures of it and write this post than to make my Frankie. I also discovered that I can use my folding labels by sewing them straight into the seam. Now, that is what I call a professional finish.

For the hems, after applying knit stay tape/interfacing I used the double needle to topstitch it into place and used woolly nylon thread in the bobbin (a trick that makes the stitches lie flat rather than create a channel). I know it’s a bit hard to see it due to the colour of the fabric.

Now, I am the happy owner of a velvet top. I am so trendy! LOL

I am glad that I sized down and used a smaller seam allowance because this gave the fit I liked.

There isn’t much to say about it little top. It’s a quick pattern to make. It is a perfect project to start a first project to work with knitted fabrics. Then I’d say the most complicated part is adding the neckband. I always follow the same steps as I explained in my previous post about Winnats Tank.


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