Miette Skirt In Curtain Fabric

Finally, I’ve made one. It’s only been on my sewing list for years and years. So, let’s make the pattern introduction: This is Miette Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons.

‘Miette is a seventies-inspired wraparound skirt which ties at the front in a bow. Super simple to sew and fit, with no fiddly fastenings, Miette is a great sewing pattern for beginners’. This is not my usual choice for making clothes. I am so not into Vintage. However, some lines from the olden days are cute. And this little wrap skirt is one of them.

The time has come when on my sewing day with Gemma in February 18 we decided to both make a version of this skirt. We both felt that we don’t want the ties as well.No biggie! After having a look at the instructions booklet, which is very well made with clear instructions and photos, I realised that it’s quite easy to skip on the ties.

As the waistband pieces stick out a little, it’s quite easy to add buttonholes on the extension pieces and then put buttons one on the inside and one on the outside of the skirt.

Because the fabric I used for my skirt was quite heavy, I lined the pockets with cotton fabric from my scrap box.

I felt the skirt was too long and I shortened it by 12.5 cm (5”), which was too much as I forgot to include the hem allowance. As a result I ended up finishing the hem with me made bias tape. I will however, if making this skirt again, only shorten it by 7.5 cm (3”) instead.

To add the waistband on, we used the partial burrito technique and then stitched in the ditch for the rest of the band. We added the buttons last, after we tried on the skirt.

This skirt was fun to make and cute.

I so love those big pockets.


It comes together so fast, that it’s a good project to make if you need a skirt fast or as a beginner want to learn how to sew without having to worry about fit. A wrap skirt you can tie it closer or looser around your waist to suit your needs. Or if you add buttons, you just move the buttons to where you need them.



    • Hi! Thanks. Well not so much yet due to the weather. But it was a great idea to skip on the ties and add buttons

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