Making for Charity -Sewing for a Cause


Some of you might already know that yesterday I was to a Charity Sew-A-Thon: Sewing in the City Centre for The Christie organised by lovely Nim Burgin at the Manchester Central Library.

I remember when my lovely friend Alex (Sewrendipity) was doing these during the last few years around UK. There was one in Manchester, which I could not attend due to me working. I felt so disappointed. Then, the other events like this I heard of were too far, for me to travel.

As you can imagine, I practically jumped with joy when I have seen Nim advertising the event at Manchester Central Library. I was so pleased the event was to run over a Saturday, which was perfect form me. I even thought I might be able to source some fabric for the event, so I contacted Vicki Heron from MinervaCrafts asking for some fabric (yes a bit cheeky on my part, but it was all for a good cause). There was no surprise to me when I got an email back saying that MinervaCrafts will kindly donate some fabric for this sewing event.

They sent me a bunch of poly cottons that were a perfect match to the fabrics sourced by Nim. To the Minerva bunch of fabrics I added a few leftover pieces of mine (no major de-stash).

The day itself was so much fun, we had a lot of people who joined in cutting, ironing, sewing even learning how to sew from little children to people with a lot of experience. The atmosphere was great, full of positivity and love. I made some new friends and shared my passion for sewing.

I was really chuffed to teach a few novices. One of them was Maya (lovely student studying journalism at Uni). She was so good at making a bag, considering she never used a sewing machine before. She was a good student and tried really hard and did not give up. She made a bag! I was really proud of her. I also gave her a little interview for an assignment she was working on. My other apprentice was lovely Rosa (a Spanish girl) who did not let the language barrier stop her trying to make a bag. I even learnt a few sewing terms in Spanish. Lol.

Although we had only 6 sewing machines we made 48 bags to be donated. It was pretty cool to see people who happened to be at the library for other reasons getting involved. There were loads of kits left that still needed to be sewed up together so some people took them home to make them up. If you need one you you can email Julie using the contact form on her website here is the link.

I even had the chance to meet and have a chat with Julie Taylor the amazing woman who started it all. It was great to hear her stories, how she is trying to grow this movement by getting school/colleges involved in the initiative.

If you’d like to know more details about this initiative and how you could get involved please check Julie’s website dedicated to this Making for Charity (facebook, Twitter: @making4charity and Instagram: @makingforcharity). Also, there is a page with Downloads with templates and instruction and if you email Julie she can send you any contacts local to you if she has any contacts.

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