Designin’December – Part Four

Finally, I came to my last post to cover my entry for the 2017 Designin’December hosted by Linda. For the previous parts please click here, here and here.

I left the hardest garment for last. I made the jacket using the same fabric I used for the shorts (suiting wool blend). The pattern I chose to use is NewLook 6035, which I already used to make two other jackets (see here and here). I found that the patches were the hardest to source. In the end, I settled on the skulls ones, which I got from eBay all the way from Hong Kong. I even thought they might not make it in time for me to finish my garment as planed because the shipping was estimated for 30 days and I did order them at end of November.


As I already had the pattern pieces ready, this took no time to cut. Also, construction did not pose any issues as I was already familiar with the process as I made it twice before.

I skipped on adding the pockets, because I tried to stay as close as possible to the inspiration garment.

To finish off the seams I used my overlocker.


I also hand-stitched the hems and facings so that there were no stitches showing on the right side.


I felt that I needed an extra button, so I added two to my jacket. Also, I was very lucky to have found these really cute iron-on badges which went on really quick. On the inspiration jacket there were quite a few of them, but I felt that for my jacket was best to randomly add about 15 of them (this means I have about 20 of them left, any ideas what I can use them on?)


By the time, I finished my outfit I was impressed with how fast I was in making it. Probably it was because I made the jacket a few more times before or that for the top I mainly used the overlocker to construct it.

I really enjoy how each of the garments look separately or together on me.


When I started this challenge , I did not think I will end up making three garments. Also, thank you all for bearing with me and making it to the end of my little series of posts.


What do you think about my version compared to the inspiration garment? Apart from she is much taller and slimmer than me, that is ;).

Do you try to copy designer garments? If you do, do you try to make an exact copy or you put your own twist on it and adapt the design to your tastes?
Please let me know in the comments, I really do like to know what are your thought on this.


  1. It is brilliant! I actually prefer your version, I just read your interview on the Minerva blog I’m reading up now on this snowy day. x

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