Pyjama top? I Don’t Think So!

It is true, that this is a pyjama pattern. But, since I make my own clothes, I decide what fabric to use and how to wear it.

The pattern is KwickSew #3553, which I got with issue 10 of SewNow magazine. The sample in the magazine gave me the idea to make the top as a shirt.


This make was dictated by my fabric a butterfly viscose, I got from my local Abakhan store. I had to have it! I pretty much did the same as the first time I made the top part of the pattern, which I blogged about here.

Most of the construction took place on the overlocker. Perfect seams while finishing them ,all at the same time.


I used the sewing machine to do the hems, finish the collar on the neckline and add the buttonholes.


Like I said, it’s a very simple make. Which in turn lets the fabric be the star on the show.


I think I’ll be wearing a lot of this shirt as the weather gets warmer.


As the fabric is the Diva, I’ll end up wearing it with jeans most of the time.


As the top is not fitted in any way, so I’ll wear the shirt tucked in. My frame does not suit boxy outfits. Usually, I have to make sure my waist is emphasised, otherwise,  I look like a box.


Here, I was doing the same styling as in the magazine. A simple non-fitted shirt doesn’t look too good untucked in, it is a pyjama top after all. And, having it all tucked in, is quite predictable. Hence, me messing about for the pictures.


I still have a small piece left, which I am thinking of using to make a camisole. Do you have any favourite patterns? Please let me know in the comments or on my social media accounts. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.



  1. I love the print and your style for the shirt. What about an Ogden Cami with your left over fabric? It’s a great scrap buster pattern. 😊

  2. Fabulous fabric! And great blouse! I actually just did this for my daughter with the Closet Case Files PJ Top Pattern- no piping, dropped the shoulders, widened the mid section a bit and shortened the length, and made a short cuffed sleeve for a blouse she wore to Disneyland. Those were all HER required changes! But it worked! 😀 I think she would love yours and looks like less hacking! 😀

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