Yona Coat – #SewMyStyle

It’s that time again to share another instalment of #SewMyStyle. September’s pattern is Yona Coat by Named.


To make this one I experimented a little. Used ribbed jersey fabric from MinervaCrafts for the main body and mixed it with some 3D roses on net from Abakhan’s and used crazy lining.


Due to the net, I underlined it with plain black cotton.


I decided to cut a size 38, rather than a size 40 based on finished garment measurements. I also got carried away and shortened the sleeves too much. But will correct that next time. Due to the mixing of fabrics, I ended up with more left over than expected and I made another Briar to keep me warm in the winter months.


I was very happy with the result, considering I went off the map and used a totally different fabric than suggested. Here is a link to the post where I talk more in detail about how I found working with the ribbed jersey while testing the fabric for MinervaCrafts.


My little Yona coat so far got a lot of wear. So it is not only easy to make it’s also quite versatile.


Will I be making it again? Definitely! I will size up and I won’t shorten my sleeve by 9 cm, but only by 4 or 5 cm. That should do it.

#SewMyStyle 2017 – links to my previous makes in the challenge: January – Toaster Sweater, February – Saunio Cardigan, March – Virginia Leggings, April – Bridgetown Dress, May – Basics.Pocket Skirt, June – Briar Top and Sweater, July – Valley Blouse, August – Darling Ranges dress



  1. At first glance, it’s hard to tell it’s the same jacket as the one on the Pattern envelope – you’ve made it with a completely different feel and style to it. It shows how versatile it is.

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