I’ve Reviewed the Lucky Dip Bags for MinervaCrafts

Some time ago, I signed up to become a product tester for MinervaCrafts, which is one of the largest online stores in the UK. Ever so often they send me a new product that they sell on their website to test and give them my impressions in an attempt to make sure all the products they offer to their customer are of a good quality.

My third product was a Lucky Dip bag. I chose to give a go to the 5 metre Viscose bag. It was a total surprise what I would get or the sizes of the pieces of fabric, so I could not even try to plan ahead of what I would make.


With my bag I managed to make three items. For more information about the bags and how I got along with my makes please follow the link:


Disclaimer: I was sent the fabric free of charge in exchange of a review. The opinions in the review are my own and not influenced in any way by MinervaCrafts and/or the manufacturer.

Hope you enjoy the review and please share with MinervaCrafts blog readers your projects if you use one of these Lucky Dip bags in your makes.


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