MorsBags – Sustainable Sewing and Using up Fabric

I do not particularly blog about this sort of things. However, I enjoyed reading the ‘Sustainable Sewing’ by Bethany Armitage in issue 10 of SewNow Magazine. It inspired me to join the MorsBags community, order a few labels and make some bags using up my scrap fabric.img-alternative-textOn their website, you can buy labels to put on the bag you make. They also give all the instructions on their website and even have a video on YouTube in case that is more helpful. I used the measurements on the instructions as a guide and made up my own process. A bit of pressing and a bit of sewing! I make some straps longer and some shorter. Depending on how much fabric I have left.img-alternative-textFor my first bag, I used fabric I got in the #SewUpNorth fabric swap.Then for my second one which I gave to my good friend Gemma I used scrap fabric left over from some pillow case I made for a friend. For her bag, I also added a patch pocket to the side of the bag, in the sewing themed fabric.img-alternative-textOne can use also old bed sheets or pillow cases or any other fabric lying around, or not that is big enough to make into a bag. At the moment the bags I am making, in between my other projects I give as presents to my friends and some I intend to give away to charity. If you want to join in and help me make more and more bags, you can also join me on MorsBags website. I have a pod there called Draculash &Co make Morsbags.img-alternative-textIn the article Bethany also gives more information on how they can be given to charity or where you can get some supplies if you do not have spare fabric for these bags.

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